Ceridian Buys Ascender Part II: Ripple Effects in Europe and Americas


Please find Part I of this article here.

并不是每个人都对美国获得excilandascender感到高兴.S.-based HCM and payroll solution provider Ceridian. The move is a clear signal that Ceridian is doubling down on its presence in Asia Pacific, where it now boasts a combined 2.5 million employees across 1,500 clients and 30 countries. If you have not followed the evolution of the global payroll market, 人们很容易忽略Ceridian在亚太地区的整合对其坚定竞争对手的影响. 下面的亮点是一个提醒,在爱情、战争和全球工资中“一切都是公平的”.

HR-payroll Globalization

人力资源薪酬全球化是十年来一系列合作伙伴关系和收购的结果, 对那些关注权势夫妇和破碎的心的人来说,阅读就像小报一样.  新成立的Ceridian工会将促使一些以前为寻求全球薪酬覆盖的组织所使用的值得注意的伙伴关系破裂. 

第一次也是最成功的一次合作是在欧洲地区的人力资源和薪资服务及软件供应商SDWorx和亚太地区的人力资源管理和薪资解决方案供应商Ascender之间. In December 2016, SDWorx welcomed Ascender into the Payroll Services Alliance (PSA), 一个由供应商组成的联合体,其地理范围广泛,可以对世界上任何国家的联合体进行投标. 当时,Ceridian已经是PSA的一员,将工资管理带到美国.S. and Canada. While the PSA has since dissolved, SDWorx和Ascender通过客户推荐和分包合同保持着强大的联系,因为区域分界线确保两者都不会对对方构成竞争威胁. Ceridian的收购肯定会拉开距离,并最终导致与SDWorx的联合客户合同到期续签.

Impacts to the HCM-payroll Provider Market

你必须追溯到过去的约会历史,才能认识到Ceridian不太可能是SDWorx的同党.  Earlier in 2016, in the heyday of the collective PSA, SDWorx和Ceridian关系非常亲密,以至于前者收购了Ceridian在美国的薪资业务.K. 并发起了一项联合努力,将Ceridian的本地工资技术和SDWorx的本地服务能力结合起来并进行扩展. Joint ambition and funding fell by the wayside, and just two years later in July 2018, Ceridian将一个完全本地化的HCM套件(包括工资单)带到了美国.K./Ireland market. Today, they are direct competitors in the U.K. and Ireland with Ceridian flashing the latest in cloud technology. Given the jilted past, 随着Ascender加入Ceridian的家庭,预计将与SDWorx未来的联合客户或推荐客户保持距离.

Turning from Alight to the Americas, 人力资源服务提供商Alight同样受到Ascender从“单身”合作伙伴身份转变为与Ceridian结婚的影响. Alight与Ceridian在亚太地区的两笔收购之间的历史同样复杂. Known as Aon Hewitt at the time, Alight最初在印度建立了领先的工资业务,后来扩展到其他亚太国家,然后剥离成为Excelity——Ceridian在亚太地区的第一个收购. Years later, Alight将于2019年收购总部位于欧洲的NGA HR,重新进入全球薪酬业务. Just prior to that, NGA opted to sell Preceda, its popular mid-market payroll solution for Australia and New Zealand, 到Ascender,并期望它将继续使用它为澳新银行的工资客户. Ceridian对Ascender的收购使得Alight/NGA失去了它在ANZ的长期舞伴, which is a market many global clients will expect to serve.

Consolidation of Payroll Around the World

Besides the clear inconveniences to SDWorx and Alight/NGA, there are many other ripples in the HCM-payroll provider pond:

  • Once dismissed as largely a U.S.-centric cloud HCM, Ceridian is now clearly showing its interest in vying for global HCM clients. Adding to English-speaking countries (including Canada, U.K., Ireland and ANZ), Ceridian现在展示了Dayforce在土地和扩张方面的雄心,这将使它成为Workday等公司的挑战者, UKG and ADP.
  • Integrated, robust timekeeping 是Ceridian的Dayforce HCM套件的强项,也是ADP eTime的挑战者, UKG (merger of Ultimate Software with Kronos), and SAP (Workforce), 哪些是全球时间和出席人数的首选解决方案.
  • As talent markets heat up post-pandemic, on-demand pay 是Ceridian通过实时每日工资计算在其云薪资引擎中嵌入的一个功能. e尊国际希望看到Ceridian以及金融科技行业的供应商和应用程序在这方面的营销重点,以响应员工和客户日益增长的兴趣.
  • Ceridian has Dayforce for Germany on its roadmap for release in 2022, which is further evidence of its ambitions in Europe. Workday还宣布将德国(和澳大利亚)添加到其本地工资模块的路线图中, 因此,这些国家似乎将成为泛欧洲工资制度的关键战场.

随着其他人力资源供应商调整他们自己的联盟,e尊国际将关注更多的连锁反应, partnerships and market positions in Asia Pacific and EMEA. In the meantime, 很明显,在全球范围内,工资单的整合和简化仍然是公平的. 针对你们国家、供应商和技术的战略洞察, contact us.