Getting Your Hands Dirty: Why It’s Important to Assess User Experience in the Sandbox


毫无疑问. 改进的用户体验正在推动人力资源技术的选择. In e尊国际游戏’s Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery Survey, 90 percent of organizations rated “ease of use” as a must have. 事实上, “ease of use” came before what have traditionally been seen as more important factors, 包括“可配置性,“功能深度。,和“现代的外观/感觉。,” as well as “mobile and social features” and “predictive analytics.”

那么如何评估用户体验呢? At the risk of stating the obvious, evaluating user experience needs to happen by 经历 it.

Software sales consultants have become very good at conducting demonstrations that appear seamless and that highlight the specific capabilities they want you to see. They may or may not focus on the features most important to you, and they are very unlikely to expose critical gaps in functionality or interoperability. 这就是为什么你必须亲自尝试一下.

首先, consider creating a comprehensive and well-structured approach to your evaluation process. 确保定义了关键需求和关键用例. Create comparable scripts that are executed consistently across vendors and—perhaps above all—secure the opportunity to directly experience the technology through a hands-on trial in what is often known as a sandbox environment.

没有试驾你是不会买新车的? 在沙盒环境中进行测试也是同样的原则. It allows you to explore the products and test key use cases directly in the system. Not only does it give you a better sense of the user experience, 它允许您测试界面设计, product functionality and movement between different parts of the application. By actually 经历 the technology, you will be better able to answer important questions like:

  • 系统的操作有多容易?
  • 执行一项任务有多直观?
  • 需要多少次点击?
  • Are the screens simple and contemporary or cluttered and dated?
  • Can the application be configured to meet our key business requirements?
  • 需要多少培训?

The return on investment of new technology clearly depends on how well and how quickly employees across the organization adopt it. Participating in sandbox testing will go a long way to ensuring adoption after deployment of the new technology.

Of course, keep in mind the testing experience may have some limitations. The sandbox environment will not be configured (or at least fully configured) to your organizational requirements. Integrations will not be in place, and you may not have access to full functionality. Some technology providers are adjusting to new demands by creating ready-to-configure sandbox environments, 详细的用户指南, online help features and collaboration channels within the sandbox to assist users through the trial. 考虑到用户体验的重要性, providers that are unwilling to give open access to clients for sandbox testing—or those providers that do not offer sandbox testing at all—are likely to find it increasingly challenging to compete.

Enterprise buyers that conduct sandbox testing tend to find a sandbox experience is either a great validation of their preferred vendor or that it reveals critical gaps that allow another vendor to emerge as a better fit. 不管是哪种情况,他们 总是 have a clearer understanding of the user experience and a concrete understanding of differentiators between solutions.

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Stacey is a director and a key contributor to e尊国际游戏’s human resources and talent-related technology and services. She advises clients on all aspects of human resources engagements, including recruitment process outsourcing and talent management. Stacey is a prolific blogger, and is frequently interviewed by industry publications. 拥有近20年的解决方案战略经验, 产品开发, 企业人力资源, 业务交付, 转型与人力资源咨询, Stacey has deep operational knowledge of the talent space and her clients’ challenges, as well as a unique ability to ask the right questions to help organizations align their sourcing initiatives with their vision.