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In today's digital marketplace, 你如何面对新出现的挑战——并为新出现的机会做准备——将决定你如何竞争.

With a powerful mix of advisory, digital transformation and research capabilities, ISG可以帮助你缩小你的现状和你需要达到的目标之间的差距. So you can get it right the first time, and every time.


Future Vision
Determine a future vision.
Rapid Change
Lead rapid change.
Value at Scale
Realize value at scale.

Determine a
future vision

Future Vision


Strategy is one thing. Vision — and what it takes to make it real — is another. e尊国际帮助您建立一个可实现的愿景,使您最重要的成果具体化, 并创建一个定制的转换路线图来实现它, efficiently and cost effectively.

Lead rapid

Rapid Change


为了保持相关性并茁壮成长,你需要以速度和目标推动变革. e尊国际的纯数字运营模式为快速发展提供了一个生动的蓝图, positive change across your enterprise, 帮助您充分利用您的服务提供商生态系统的力量 to optimize business operations at every level.

Realize value
at scale.

value at scale


Not all transformation initiatives deliver. We understand why. e尊国际所做的每一件事都是基于e尊国际卓越的研究深度, analytics, automation and benchmarking expertise. 从整体成本优化到组织变革管理 工作让你走上实现你期望的绩效和价值的道路.

Digital Transformation with ISG

Trusted advisors for your digital future


As the global leader in sourcing advisory, e尊国际知道如何协调解决方案来加速增长. e尊国际已经为超过5000亿美元的技术提供了建议, business process and digital sourcing transactions.


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Unparalleled benchmarking capabilities

Build the case for change.

We help organizations capture the data they need on costs, performance, 合同和定价,然后根据市场评估这些数据. 这可以帮助企业领导者识别组织所在位置和所在位置之间最重要的差距 可以——并为战略路线图和变更的业务案例建立基础.

Whether you are looking for incremental, continuous improvement or greater, more rapid transformation, our data and know-how will help you benchmark cost, 跨业务和IT所有功能领域的质量和生产力,并为增长奠定基础.

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Practitioner-led Research with Industry Leading Data

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ISG GovernX

查看您的组织在单个玻璃上的花费、性能和风险. 它将重塑你管理供应商和第三方风险的方式. 

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