e尊国际游戏 Star of Excellence™ - 提名

The opportunity for customer nomination is available 365 days a year and should be taken up continuously by providers to influence the position in the IPL quadrant and provide e尊国际游戏 consultants in the sourcing business with Voice of the Customer data. Prior to the start of the fourth quarter, e尊国际游戏 研究 separates CX data collected over the year to provide awards for outstanding customer experience on an annual basis.

We encourage all providers to nominate their clients to participate in the e尊国际游戏 Star of Excellence™ program. The 2021 program has changed in two significant dimensions:

1. 供应商 will be asked to nominate clients specific to one or more of the services that are associated with the e尊国际游戏 Provider Lens™ (IPL) set of studies respectively the e尊国际游戏 Global 研究 Agenda. This will now become part of the IPL research process and results will be factored into the overall quadrant positioning of providers.

2. e尊国际游戏 will also solicit client participation with the intention to collect an equal number of responses as those nominated by each provider.

Your client will receive an email with a unique link to provide your evaluation(s). Completion of the survey will take approximately 15 minutes.  Your client can elect to receive a free copy of the associated IPL report that will be influenced by their feedback.

If you require any assistance, please email [email protected].

Please use the form below to provide us with all the necessary information about your customer(s). e尊国际游戏 will write to them immediately with a request to participate in this survey.

Alternatively, please click 在这里 in order to nominate many customers at once. We will acknowledge receipt of the documents in the subsequent process.