Multicloud Drives Network Transformation: Seven Key Components to a Modern Enterprise Network



Seldom in recent years have events necessitated technological change at the scale or pace as witnessed today. Digital transformation initiatives have intensified and accelerated to meet the demands omultf conducting business virtually. 连接的设备数量, data volumes and network activity has increased inordinately as COVID has reshaped the workplace with employees, 商业伙伴和客户委托到他们的居住地. 将这一点与对基于云的服务的永恒需求结合起来, 网络流量模式被不可逆转地改变.

As enterprises accelerate digital transformation and cloudification and embrace a blended remote and on-site workforce, 网络改造对于优化网络安全和性能至关重要.  


因为公司正在优化企业IT堆栈, 他们正越来越多地用公共云补充私有云. Enterprise architects are tasked with assessing hyper-scaler capabilities to determine which workloads are most appropriately hosted in which clouds. Companies adopt hybrid and multicloud strategies not only to address specific workload compute and storage characteristics, but also to avert vendor lock-in and meet regulatory and/or data sovereignty requirements.

While hybrid and more complex multicloud strategies addressed corporate storage and compute requirements, 对网络流量模式的影响有时是次要的考虑因素. 以前, network connectivity was based on the principle of accessing centralized services located in enterprise data centers from remote office locations, 生产和研发场所. 传输中的数据通过静态数据来保护, 健壮的, private network topologies enabling data exchanges in accordance with predefined rules and routes to ensure application performance, 数据完整性和安全框架遵从性. 此外, there were protocols to define a clear perimeter between the internal “trusted” enterprise networks and the untrusted public networks.

保持网络之间的界限是至关重要的, and cloud connectivity was established point-to-point from enterprise data centers to cloud-based resources, essentially annexing or appending the cloud services with existing private compute capabilities. 而这种方法足以满足混合云连接, 将同样的方法应用于多云连接会迅速产生网络扩展, 哪一个在最好的情况下是低效的,在最坏的情况下会影响最终用户的性能.


Performance impacts are due not only to ineffective routing but also to requirements for corporate security. Inbound (ingress) and outbound (egress) traffic must be inspected at centrally located security appliances before it goes to its intended destination. 同时也是必不可少的, the process incurs additional network routing and latency issues between client and server.

Software-defined networks (SD-WAN) are positioned to address the issue by building in route optimization and advanced threat management to appliances and eliminating the need to backhaul traffic to centralized datacenters. 然而, 随着企业迁移到SD-WAN解决方案, network and security aspirations were dealt a blow when COVID-19 dispersed employees to work from home. 这再次打乱了预期的交通模式, 这一次远离基于站点的SD-WAN设备及其优化的流量路由.

在家办公不仅改变了交通模式, it also reinforced backhauling of client traffic to the data centers to connect employees to the corporate network. And – because the majority of employees rely on consumer class routers to protect the corporate end user device from the Internet and/or other devices in the users’ home – it exponentially increased the enterprise’s attack surface and therefore its risk.


随着基于云的服务和新的流量模式的扩散, 企业需要一种新的方法来处理他们的网络.

Network transformation needs to consider the entirety of the enterprise – not only cloud-based services but also the myriad of non-IT managed Internet-of-things (IoT) devices – as critical operational technology used in production environments converges with IT services.

解决这一根本性转变,使其更具包容性, 分布式和远程访问的IT服务模型, 网络转换必须交付七个关键组件:

改造后的网络必须成为一个具有竞争力的差异化因素, with a topology that not only meets connectivity requirements today but can evolve and adapt quickly to meet tomorrows’ diverse requirements.

Network transformation is paramount for supporting digital transformation and adjusting to the new ways of working. 而有些企业则在企业内部从事此类业务, many find that working with a third-party simplifies and accelerates the process and assures a successful outcome.

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Jon specialises in the IT and data network/telecommunications sectors with over 25 years delivery, 项目和转型管理经验. Jon的企业管理经验包括领导定义, design deployment and delivery of global data network services; analysis of complex sourcing service contracts; product and portfolio management.  Jon在管理技术支持方面有很强的背景, 网络通信基础设施, 业务系统和数据中心操作,  with a proven ability to plan and lead successful business system and network infrastructure design, 在客户端实现和迁移, 国家和全球层面.